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1960 - 1969
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Phi Delta Theta started the sixties without a house. The old home had been sold to Phi Kappa Psi. The chapter was too strong and the momentum too great for it to be even noticed and the parade of honors and achievements reaching unheard of proportions in the fifties was to be expanded further in the decade to come.


Campus Involvement


1960 – Bill Hicks, Jerry Russell, Harry Fulcher, Julius Collum, Bill Fondren, Bob Barnett, Robert Khayat, John Crawford, Ed Connell and Tom Hines were all members of ODK; Football had many of the same Ole Miss starts named in the last year of the fifties; Julius Collum joined the Hall of Fame; Warner Alford, President of the “M” Club; Ralph Gilbert, a Carrier Scholar; Tom Singley, President of Phi Eta Sigma; Robert Khayat, Hall of Fame, National All-Phi Football Team, All SEC Baseball, Colonel Rebel and ODK; Sammy Alford, Head Cheerleader; Tim Jones and Jim Herring joined many brothers in ODK.

1961-62 – Mississippi Alpha won The Founder’s Trophy and the Ward Scholarship Trophy. Warner Alford, Captain of the 1960 National Championship Football Team; Dean Copeland, Hall of Fame, Rhodes Scholar, Carrier Scholar; Ralph Gilbert, Hall of Fame, ODK, President of the School of Engineering; Bob Massengill, President of the School of Commerce, ODK; Billy Neville, President of the School of Commerce; Jim O’Mara, President of Scabbard and Blade, ODK, President of the YMCA; Tom Singley, Chicago Herald Tribune Award; Woody Dabbs, President of the “M” Club, All-Phi Football Team; Fred Lentzes, All SEC Sophomore Football Team, All-Phikeia Football Team, All SEC scholastic football team, ODK; Henry J. Sanders, ODK; Fred Sandifer, President of Phi Eta Sigma.


1963-65 – Ed Sisson, recipient of Woodrow Wilson Fellowship (one given in the United States), Van Moore, President of the School of Engineering, ODK; Mike Carter, ODK; Jim Huggins, ODK, Phi Eta Sigma; Herbert Rogers, Co-Chairman of the Committee of 100; Bill McGlathery, President of the Business School, baseball team; Heber Ladner, Carrier Scholar, ODK; Jimmy Love, ODK, President of Delta Sigma, Who’s Who in American Colleges and Universities; Gene Fair, Editor of Mississippian, ODK, Chairman of 5 ASB committees; Allen Yates, Co-Chairman of the Committee of 100; Don Barrett, Editor of The Ole Miss annual; Mike Dennis, All SEC Football, All American Academic Team; Cary Roberson, ODK, Campus Senate.


1966-67 – Allen Yates, ODK; Gene Fair, Hall of Fame; Don Barrett, ODK; Holmes Adams, Phi Eta Sigma, Carrier Scholar, ODK, Fulbright Scholar; Ray McNamara, ODK, Mississippi University Pageant Chairman; Walter Thompson and Randy Pool, ODK.

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